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A Closer Look At 2019 Win Totals For Clemson, Alabama, And Georgia

college football rivals

The win totals are out for this years NCAA football season, and we dive into the over/under odds for the Top-3 teams — Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia — in the preseason Coaches’ Poll.

Clemson Tigers – 11.5

Clemson woodshedded Alabama in last year’s title game. It was so bad that one wonders if Clemson enjoyed it as much as Auburn did. It was also a reminder that it’s important to pursue a recruit, in this case, Trevor Lawrence, who many experts had regarded as the next Peyton Manning. Clemson did so, and history was made.

And now in 2019, it’s round two with the surfer-looking young man at Clemson. Unless he gets injured, it’s hard to see any team on the Tigers’ schedule preventing them from winning 12 games during the regular season.

Alabama Crimson Tide – 11

Trevor and Tua. Alabama and Clemson. Those four names seem to comprise most of college football betting lines talk these days—or at least championship and Heisman talk. Recruiting juggernaut Alabama does have a recent history of losing to less talented teams on occasion, but the key to preventing that this year may be Tua’s third year in the system and a strong offensive line.

The Bama defense should be solid as usual. Rarely is there a drop-off on defense under Saban.

LSU and Auburn are always a threat, but Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies may be the biggest threat. Otherwise, 12-0 seems obtainable.

Georgia Bulldogs – 10.5

What is it with all the heartbreak that the Bulldogs endure? Athens, Georgia, is a beautiful town by any standard, but it seems to be heartbreak central as well.

There is no shortage of talent, resources, quality coaching, or passion in Athens, and maybe Kirby just needed a few years to get the championship train in motion.

The schedule isn’t doing Georgia any favors on its path to cover the 10.5. Notre Dame, Auburn, Florida, and Texas A&M are four teams standing in the way, and Georgia could lose to any of them.

Here is a complete list of the over/under win totals for the preseason Top-25 College Football teams at BetOnline.

College Football Top-25 Preseason Win Totals

  1. Clemson – 11.5
  2. Alabama – 11
  3. Georgia – 10.5
  4. Oklahoma – 10.5
  5. Ohio State – 10
  6. LSU – 9
  7. Michigan – 9.5
  8. Florida – 9
  9. Notre Dame – 9
  10. Texas – 9.5
  11. Texas A & M – 7.5
  12. Washington – 9.5
  13. Oregon – 9
  14. Penn State – 8.5
  15. Utah – 9
  16. Auburn – 7.5
  17. UCF – 9
  18. Washington – 8
  19. Iowa – 7.5
  20. Michigan State – 8
  21. Washington State – 8
  22. Syracuse – 7.5
  23. Stanford – 6.5
  24. Iowa State – 8
  25. Northwestern – 6.5