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The Top College Betting Sites That Offer NCAA Lines

All College Sports BallsThanks to officially licensed and legal offshore college betting sites, sports bettors in the United States and abroad can enjoy placing wagers on NCAA sports. While there are college sports teams around the world with great programs, far and away the majority of sports betting action at the college level is focused on National Collegiate Athletic Association teams in the United States.

No doubt if you enjoy betting on college sports, 99% of your wagers will be directed towards the 340 college sports teams that make up the 3 divisions of the NCAA. That especially means the 128 teams and schools in Division I like Ohio State, Clemson, USC, Oregon and Florida State University. That is why the focus of our website lies in uncovering the best all-around experience you can enjoy when you are betting on college sports on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Featured Site To Bet On College Games In 2024

Bovada is currently the leading US friendly online sportsbook for betting on college sports. They cater exclusively to US players, and maintain a wide range of competitive betting lines, wagering options and live betting opportunities. Following are some of the reasons they are ranked number one in our book:

  • Their generous 50% match bonus up to $500 on your first deposit
  • They boast the highest success with US credit card transaction approvals
  • They offer live betting on college lines for both online and mobile sports betting
  • Your account also gains you access to their casino, poker room and racebook.

Top Rated Sportsbooks Offering College Betting Lines

1Bovada Sportsbook$5004.8/5Visit Site Review
2Betonline Sportsbook$1,0004.6/5Visit Site Review
3Bookmaker Logo$5004.1/5Visit Site Review

College Sports Betting Sites That Are Legally Licensed

Our website is broken down into several sections, providing you instant access to the information that interests you most. We have divided college sports betting on the Internet into college football, baseball, basketball and soccer. In the future we will be expanding this site to include all types of college sports wagering, so check back frequently.

Regardless what sports you find mentioned here, we have analysts that actively uncover the best college betting websites found on the Internet. Even if your favorite college wager is home economics or underwater basket weaving. If it is offered somewhere for online real money gambling, we will find it.

All of the sites we list will be legally licensed to support bettors from the United States, since that is where the majority of college sports betting action takes place. Betting on college sports each year is a multibillion dollar industry, and we want to help you get your piece of the pie.

Main College Sports Betting Sections We Cover

How to Read College Sports Betting Lines and Odds

Aside from directing you towards legally licensed and industry recognized bookmakers which support betting on college sports, we will also break down exactly how to read college football betting lines in the big three major sports. And even if you are an intermediate or veteran sports bettor, you can benefit by our college sports betting line content which explains even the most exotic wagers you can place.

You'll also find a list of the different types of bets you can place, the biggest and most easily achievable sportsbook bonuses, the top rated websites where you can use your credit card for betting on college sports, and the best sites which support mobile access for your smartphone or tablet. You'll find this information on our pages dedicated to college football betting lines, college basketball betting lines, and college baseball betting lines.

Betting on Your Favorite College Sports Team

College sports betting is different than placing wagers on professional sports in one important way. A University of Iowa fan falls in love with the school, and not the players. The premier football, baseball and basketball athletes at the collegiate level join and leave NCAA teams every 2 to 4 years. That means the makeup of your favorite college program is always changing. But your love of a particular team does not.

That's what makes betting on college sports so enjoyable. You can follow and support your alma mater or hometown college sports teams for decades, backing up your faith with legal online wagers. And at the top rated offshore sportsbooks we recommend, betting on college sports is legal for US and, in some cases, international gamblers.

The Best Odds and Lines for Betting College Sports

You probably understand that your college sports betting career is more successful when you access the most attractive betting lines and odds. We have reviewed and recommend only those sites which always give you attractive betting lines, and in many cases, "better than Vegas" odds and payouts.

Your safety and security is ensured through excellent site software and data encryption, you always have plenty of banking options, and betting confirmation is speedy. Recently, live betting arrived on the college scene. This means that when you click through the sites we recommend and grab your free sign-up bonus money, you can actually place wagers in the middle of whatever football, basketball or baseball game you happen to be watching.

So check back frequently for updated college sports betting information that is geared towards giving you the best possible experience online.