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College Basketball Betting – March Madness Odds

All College Sports BallsAny discussion of college sports betting would not be complete without basketball. The only major sport which was invented in America (thank you Doctor James Naismith), basketball is played by more Americans than any other team sport according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

NCAAB it is also heavily wagered on as well. From regular-season contests to the widely popular March Madness NCAA men's basketball tournament, betting on round ball is enjoyed by millions of Americans, as well as global gamblers.

There are colleges and universities located around the world that have men's and women's teams that play basketball. But for the most part, the majority of college basketball betting takes place on US college teams. Before you get started with your next betting session, be sure to check out our guide to understanding college basketball betting lines and NCAAB odds.

#1 Online Sportsbook For NCAAB Odds In 2024

Bovada Sportsbook has a comprehensive selection of NCAAB betting options, and they really get into the whole March Madness tournament. In fact, college basketball betting is more popular at Bovada than NBA betting is.

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Best College Basketball Betting Sites

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How To Bet On College Basketball

NCAA Basketball odds will be offered for each game, as well as for conference champions, and the eventual March Madness winner. There are several varieties of NCAAB odds that we'll cover below.

College Basketball Betting Lines - A standard NCAA Basketball betting line will be offered for each game and includes a point spread, over/under, and moneyline odds for the winner.

  • Point Spread - Teams must win by more than or lose by less than the amount of the point spread assigned to them.
  • Moneyline - The odds that a team will win the game. If the team wins, the bet wins.
  • Over/Under - The total that both NCAAB teams are predicted to combine to score.

College Basketball prop bets allow action on game events not covered in the standard game line, including occurrences off the court.

NCAAB futures odds are a list of eligble teams with moneylines produced for each. As teams are eliminated from championship consideration, they are removed from college basketball futures lines.

Where To Bet On NCAAB Odds

Domestic and offshore college basketball sportsbooks can handle the bets of USA-based gamblers but we recommend the latter for many reasons.

  • Offshore sportsbooks allow for members at the age of 18 across the entire USA
  • College basketball betting odds are produced at a much higher volume at international sportsbook sites
  • Offshore sportsbooks can be accessed via laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other web-ready devices from anywhere connected to the Internet
  • Our top March Madness betting sites accept deposits and deliver payouts using the most popular cryptocurrencies on the planet (Bitcoin, Cardano, Tether, more!
  • Becoming a member with multiple college basketball betting sites allows users to shop the NCAAB odds for the best payouts while not leaving the house

College Basketball Betting Tips

Whether you enjoy regular-season college basketball betting or prefer to wait for the Big Dance, there are some tips and strategies you should be aware of that are unique to the game of college basketball.

The players are not nearly as mature or polished as the pros. Because of this, home-court advantage is bigger than in the NBA. When a college "kid" travels, there are much more distractions and issues that take his mind off the game which do not exist when he plays at home.

The rebounding advantage for NCAA basketball teams more frequently translates into wins. Simply put, the college teams which rebound better usually win. If you stick to betting on college basketball when teams play their conference schedule against familiar foes, it is very easy to use trends and lineups to predict the outcome.

Conference competitors have played each other frequently, and each team's performance is much easier to guess. The same principles can apply to college football betting, college baseball betting, and college soccer betting.

Betting On March Madness Odds

The NCAA Men's Division I college basketball championship begins with 68 teams and runs a single-elimination format until a lone champion is left. Betting on the March Madness tournament means $100 million every year for Las Vegas sportsbooks and a hefty payday for all college betting sites.

Analysts believe that is a mere slice of the overall pie, making up just 1% to 4% of the global reach of this popular tournament. With up to $10 billion gambled worldwide each year on March Madness, it is easy to see why legally licensed offshore bookmakers make it attractive for you to jump online and fill out a bracket.

The top-rated offshore sportsbooks support US and international gamblers by offering free bonus money and other incentives for you to bet on March Madness every year.

Identifying the Top College Basketball Betting Sites

There are hundreds of Internet sportsbooks which offer college basketball as a betting option. But there are only a few that offer the best lines and odds, the most achievable welcome bonuses, the most reliable mobile applications, and other important features.

More importantly, just a handful of all the Internet bookmaking operations offer college basketball betting while backing it up with legal licensing. If a company does not obtain certification from a legitimately established online gambling industry, you have to be concerned about your ability to get paid, the reliability of the software, and how safe your bets really are.

But when you stick to offshore sportsbooks which have been legally licensed by the most recognized Internet gaming regulatory bodies around the world, you benefit in several ways. Your college basketball betting experience is greeted with generous bonuses, safe and dependable software, mobile access for your laptop or smartphone and a wealth of banking options.

We have identified those top performers which legally support US college basketball bettors, and have listed them here on our website with convenient click-through access so you can get started in a couple of minutes.

College Basketball Betting Apps

If you're on the go and want to lay some action on NCAAB odds, just grab your smartphone or tablet and click on any of the sportsbooks linked to here at College Betting Sites for the best sports betting apps available today.

Don't worry about downloading any software. A current mobile browser is all that users need to bet on college basketball odds using iPhones, iPads, and other popular web-ready devices in the USA.

The best part is these online basketball betting apps allow for members to join and make real money wagers on NCAAB odds at the age of 18, so consider joining one now by investigating the sportsbooks we endorse here at CBS.

Live College Basketball Betting Has Arrived

Traditional wagers are placed before the start of a sporting contest. But the last couple of years have seen the explosion of live betting. In sports like football, basketball, baseball and hockey, the top-rated offshore sportsbooks will propose certain scenarios.

These "in-game" betting options have to do with individual and team statistics. For instance, in the second quarter of a college basketball game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Ohio State Buckeyes, you may be presented with the option of betting on which team will score the most rebounds in that quarter, or the second half.

This really puts you in the game and allows you to consistently place new wagers as you watch the action unfold. But the biggest benefit has to do with the up-tempo game that is college basketball when you notice a trend developing.

While you are watching a college basketball contest, you can in many cases take advantage of an attractive live bet offering before your bookmaker has a chance to adjust it properly. Live betting is just another reason why college sports betting, in general, is so enjoyable, and especially basketball wagering.

Sportsbook Promo Codes For NCAA Basketball Betting

When making deposits at online betting sites, members may notice bonus cash offers promising to add a percentage of the transaction total to online accounts.

These sportsbook promo offers are legit, just make sure you can meet the requirements attached before accepting one.

Withdrawals of bonus cash cannot be requested until playthrough terms have been met, so ensure you can indeed meet them before opting for an NCAAB Basketball betting bonus.