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Bookmaker College Sports Betting Review

With legal online gambling licensing in San Jose, Costa Rica, the BetCRIS family of Internet gaming sites has been around since 1985. The sports betting ARM of that established and respected group of gambling websites is known as "where the line originates". For example, college sports betting lines are released as early as 6:30 AM Pacific Time on Sunday. Famous land-based casinos such as the Las Vegas Wynn depend on those early numbers for setting their lines, which means you always receive the earliest and most attractive college betting lines and odds through the Bookmaker sportsbook.

The company offers generous bonuses and live betting options, mobile access is available, and you can profit from multi-team teasers and parlays with just a $1 bet. Let's take a closer look at Bookmaker, and see why they are a top-rated destination for US college sports bettors.

About Bookmaker Sportsbook

Bookmaker Sportsbook caters to both US and International players, and offers a really strong menu of college sports betting lines to choose from. They have many years of experience in the industry, and treat their customers very well.

  • Bookmaker offers a new player bonus worth up to $500
  • Bookmaker has been offering online sports betting for more than two decades
  • Bookmaker has developed a high quality mobile sports betting app that requires no download
  • They provide impressive live betting services both online and through their mobile application

Bookmaker is Legally Licensed for Sports Betting

We mention it frequently, but licensing cannot be overlooked when you choose an Internet bookmaker. When betting on college sports, your peace of mind and overall experience definitely benefit from playing at a legally licensed site. The San Jose, Costa Rica online gambling regulatory body has certified Bookmaker for Internet gaming. Being located outside of the United States means legal US access, as supported by the World Trade Organization.

What College Betting Bonuses Can You Expect?

The first bonus which needs to be covered is a deposit incentive. Your initial account funding is met with a 20% matching bonus up to $500 when using cryptocurrency. All other deposits you make for life receive at least a 10% reload match.

The top rated college sports betting bookmakers found online will match your initial deposit with some free "thank you" money. But Bookmaker continues to reward your patronage with a 10% lifetime reload bonus.

To extend that generous offering even further make sure you reload your account every Tuesday or Wednesday, and you are matched with 20% of free bonus money.

Of course, seasonal and sport-specific bonuses and promotions accompany March Madness, College World Series and College Football Playoff action every year.

Bookmaker Includes Live "In Game" Betting Options

How many times have you placed a wager on your favorite NCAA basketball, football or baseball team, only to find that shortly after the game started, you wished you could take back that bet? While you can't remove any pregame bet you make on college sports after the game starts, live betting allows you a lot of similar freedom. That is why college sports betting the last few years has seen the rise in popularity of "in game" live betting. After the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal have taken the football field, you can bet on whether or not individual players will reach certain achievements on the next play, in the half and by the end of the game. There are also live proposition bets on team achievements like totals and point spreads. Live betting is exactly what it sounds like, and allows you to hedge your bets while taking advantage of on the field action instantly.

Bookmaker Mobile College Sports Betting

The smarter college betting sites provide awesome mobile support. And that includes never having to wait for a download. You simply power up your tablet or smartphone and head over to the Bookmaker website by typing that address in your mobile browser. Then something magical happens. Responsive technology is harnessed to immediately and instantly build the perfect display and account control panel for your device. This means that an iPhone 5C with a 3.5 inch display will show your Bookmaker account and college sports betting options perfectly for that sized screen. But the user of an Android powered Galaxy Note 4 with its massive 5.7 inch Full HD+ resolution display will also receive a customized experience perfect for that screen. And this is true for all new and some older Android, BlackBerry and iOS mobile operating system versions.

Quick & Competitive Betting Confirmations & Lines

We mentioned earlier that Bookmaker is known as the sportsbook "where the line originates". This is because the company consistently pushes out opening lines and odds for NCAA Division I football, basketball and baseball contests a full day ahead of the competition in most cases. Think about how important that is for just a minute. If a company simply rushed to become the first virtual sportsbook to release college sports betting lines, they could get their rear-end handed to them financially unless those numbers were absolutely relevant. Bookmaker has been crunching college and pro sports betting numbers for 30 years. They are confident that they publish the most realistic sports betting lines in the business, and they continually do so before anyone else. The company also boasts speedy betting confirmation, so you can quickly place your bets even if there is not much time left before kickoff or the opening pitch.

What Banking Options Does Bookmaker Offer?

In the United States and elsewhere, plastic is King for making purchases online. And so it is at Bookmaker for US and international citizens. You can conveniently use your Visa gift, prepaid or credit card to make deposits. If you would like you can also use a banking by phone option, or get money into your account with a draft deposit. Bank drafts and bank wires are available for withdrawing your money after a big winning streak. You may also use MoneyGram or Western Union money transfer services to receive a payout. Just remember that since Bookmaker is an international sportsbook legally offering services to countries around the world, not all banking options are available in all jurisdictions.

Options for College Sports Betting at Bookmaker

As you should expect from a company that has been around for 30 years, all of the traditional "old school" betting options are available on all major college teams. This means you can bet the spread on the Kansas Jayhawks - Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels basketball game, play the money line on a Clemson - West Virginia baseball contest or cheer on every score when you bet over the total during a PAC 12 football matchup. But Bookmaker also supports exotic parlays and teasers from $1 on up. Sweetheart teasers, pleasers and round robins also deliver action on NCAA men's and women's basketball, baseball and men's football contests. A few unique college sports betting tools that Bookmaker offers include an on-site odds converter, sports schedules, office pool management tool and a Streak Contest that pays you for consecutive winning bets.

Bookmaker College Sports Betting Summary

The company has been in business 30 years, boasting legal licensing out of San Jose, Costa Rica that entire time. US support is provided, lifetime reload bonuses are guaranteed and the company originates college sports betting lines that casinos and websites around the world depend on for listing their action. From your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry powered device you can access the sportsbook, racebook and blackjack casino, with live betting letting you place wagers while you are attending and watching live sporting events. You have plenty of safe and familiar banking options as well. Bookmaker has not succeeded for 3 decades by getting lucky. They work very hard, and succeed at providing USA and international bettors with one of the best experiences that betting on college sports can provide to the World Wide Web.

Bet College Sports At Bookmaker